Monday, September 13, 2010

A Month of Noir Day 13 - Can't Escape Comics

A few short days ago, the movies at the ATP New York were all curated by the Criterion Collection.  Of particular interest to crime buffs, was the the Saturday schedule, Criterion Crime Wave curated by Jim Jarmusch.  The following films were shown

-The Killing
-Le Doulos
-Brute Force
-A Colt is My Passport
-Touchez Pas Au Grisibi
-Kiss Me Deadly

Other films shown during the weekend included Repulsion and Night of the Hunter

And while a day of these films is always cause for celebration, check out these posters created specifically for the show.  

Brute Force by Scott Morse

Touchez Pas Au Grisibi by ?

The Night of the Hunter by Matt Kindt

A poster was created for each film shown at ATP, but this is all my searching has been able to uncover.  Hopefully Criterion will offer these beautiful pieces of art for sale in some print form.

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