Saturday, July 31, 2010

To the Mattresses Week 30 - Noir-o-rama coming in September

I usually only do the 30 films in 30 days thing for October, mostly as an excuse to catch up on cheesy horror films that I've been missing.  But my friends Brad and Matt have beed doing this for the past few months, with honorees ranging from Gene Hackman to Nicolas Cage to Ray Harryhausen.  Now, I'd love to get that specific, but for now I'm going to be general.   Not many actors have starred in 30 crime films.

So I deem the month of September Classic Noir Month.

And I've got no idea what to watch, hence the month advance notice.

So I'm looking for some suggestions.  There are always going to be the easy answers, the classic films, but I'm hoping to get a few rare gems.

My List of Possibilities So Far
The Maltese Falcon
Shadow of a Doubt
The Lost Weekend
Scarlett Street
The Big Sleep
The Dark Corner
The Killers
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Kiss of Death
Nightmare Alley
Out of the Past
Key Largo
Criss Cross
The Third Man
Strangers on a Train
The Big Heat
The Killing
and growing...

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