Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Short Con Week 30 - The Problem with Crime

This is it.  I give up on finding short crime fiction on the internet.  After two weeks of coasting along using the cool as hell BMW shorts, I got my hands dirty and dug through the MASSIVE PILE OF SHIT that is most of the stuff found on YouTube.  Seriously, I watched 2-6 minute videos for two hours straight, and only one didn't bore the piss out of me within 30 seconds.  How do you zone someone out that quickly?  Thanks to television, our brains are trained to take information in quick clips without thinking of a grocery list in between, but guess what, I couldn't stop thinking about everything else I could be doing instead of pointing and clicking and watching people who can't write, act, or point a camera properly.

Thankfully, at least this entertained me.  It sums up my feelings about the evening quite well.

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