Saturday, July 17, 2010

To the Mattresses Week 28 - The (Other) Films of Christopher Nolan

The one Nolan film I haven't seen, but soon to be remedied thanks to my $6.97 purchase at Bull Moose Music.  For an unheard of film, it's got a nice suppliment of special features including Director's commentary, shooting script, and the ability to view the film chronilogically.

And speaking of chronological, Nolan's second film is rumored to have an Easter Egg on the disc where you can do just that.  This is the movie that got Nolan really noticed, and it was earned.  This is a tremendous film that just blew my mind the first time I watched it.  Clever script, great direction, and performances from Guy Pierce, Carrie Ann Moss and Joey Pants that are amoung their best.

Otherwise known by me as the last Al Pacino performance that was worth a damn.  Bonus points for having a great creepy turn from Robin Williams, One Hour Photo creepy, not Patch Adams creepy.  This was adapted from Insomnia, directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg, and starred Stellan Skarsgård, and is an equally great film.

Batman Begins
Nolan brought the Batman franchise back from the dead and made fanboys such as myself weep with its awesomeness.  After Schumaker, it needed to be a bit more realistic and grounded, and Nolan delivered.  Also, great casting with Michael Caine.  People forget that Alfred is a man of considerable talents and can kick ass if needed.

The Prestige
Ever wanted to see Wolverine fight Batman with the help of David Bowie?  Look no further than this adaptation of Christopher Priest's excellent novel.  Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman are dueling magicians, each intent on 1-uping the other regardless of the consequences.  A terrific study of dedication to one's art.
And David Bowie as Tesla.  Awesome.

The Dark Knight
The film that, despite what they will say, made the Academy change the amount of Best Picture Nominees.  Which is good, because it was robbed of many nominations.  While it was well deserved that Heath Ledger won for his mind-destroying turn as The Joker, Nolan and a few others should have at least gotten a nom.  More than anything, this film reminds me of Michael Mann's Heat, but with costumes. 

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