Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Time is Coming

It's been a long eleven months.

Each and every day I've done my best to highlight something I've enjoyed, whether it be a comic, movie, book, or poster.  It's been daunting, but I'm glad I've undertaken the challenge, as I've met some great people, read some great books, watched fantastic movies, and overall, enjoyed the hell out of the experience.

But man oh man, it's tough to think of something to say every day.

So for December, I'm giving a little gift to myself, as well as showing some great gift ideas to you.

People always say I'm impossible to shop for, and honestly, I am.  If I see something I like, I buy it.  Impulse control is not something I'm known for.  And while everyone knows I enjoy books and movies, most friends are afraid to even attempt to purchase one for me.  They've seen my bookshelves.  They know how many books are on them, and to expect them to remember what I do and don't have would be silly.  So I get a lot of gift cards, and I am fine with it.

So for the first twenty-four days of December, I'm going to highlight some gifts that could be purchased for those you love if they happen to love crime.  Most will be affordable and easy to find, some will not, but that's the fun of it all.  For the last week, I've got my best of the year awards.  Should any of you have suggestions, please, feel free to weigh in with your opinions.

Don't expect too many reviews from me this coming month.  I'm sure I will pop in with some here and there, but the true gift I give to myself is the ability to read a book without having to write up a review afterwards.

But here is a little pre-Christmas goodie.  Were it to be available before the fatman dropped down the chimney, you could bet your Daisy air powered rifle it would be on my list.

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