Friday, October 1, 2010

Elmore Leonard Month!

I've had so much focusing on one subject this past month with film noir, that I've decided to follow it up with yet another theme month.

Welcome to Elmore Leonard Month.

Elmore Leonard was the author who put this whole blog idea in my mind last November.  I was perusing ebay, looking for bargains, when up popped a lot of Elmore Leonard paperbacks.  25 books for $25.  Who in their right mind can pass that up?  I bought them immediately, anxiously awaited for them to arrive, and when they did...I stared at them.  Damn, that's a lot of pages to read.  I better give myself a reason to read them all.

Honestly, I never thought I'd get around to reading them all.  I still haven't.  I've picked a few up and devoured them, but there are still plenty sitting on the shelf, waiting to be enjoyed.  This month I'm going to grab a few more.

And here's the beautiful thing, Dutch's books have been translated, and translated well, to every other medium.  There are television shows (though not many) and movies both made from his books and written specifically by him.  I'm only missing out on comics.  Seriously, someone get on that.  I want a Karen Sisco comic book.

So for this month I go back to the old format, with a few changes.  Monday's will still be television, Tuesdays short stories, Wednesday will now be for westerns, Thursday is novels, Friday is films, and Saturday will still be whatever the hell I want.  Those of you who love covers will still find some great choices up on Sundays.

But why October?  It's Elmore Leonard's birthday month.

Do I need a better reason to celebrate the man?

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  1. Thanks Paul. I'm already hip deep in and having a blast.

  2. My only conflict with this is the notion that it should be contained to just one month. It's truly Dutch's world, and we're just living in it. I'm with you, man -- gonna tackle at least three Leonard books this month.

  3. I wouldn't mind extending it, as there are plenty of books to read/re-read. Which books are you planning on perusing? Since you enjoy Justified I'd highly recommend Pronto and Riding the Rap, both Raylan Givens centered stories. both of which I will be reviewing. If there are any you don't have, I'll be glad to let you borrow some.