Monday, October 25, 2010

45 Minutes Week 43 - Who Deserves a Show?

Today's post was meant to be another review of the rest of Justified, Season One, but I felt I'd just be beating the dead horse.  The show started out good, continued to be so.

Instead, I think we should talk about what other Leonard characters deserve their own show.  I'm going to post a poll up in the upper right hand corner until the end of the month.  Come Halloween, hopefully we'll have enough votes cast to actually mean something.  Honestly, I'd be happy with six votes.

I've got a few contenders of my own, but since I haven't read every read Elmore Leonard novel, I'll obviously miss a few great choices.  Feel free to comment on your own choice.  I'll gladly add it to the poll.

Here are my choices.

1. Max Cherry from Rum Punch
2. Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara from The Switch and Rum Punch
3. Bo Catlett from Get Shorty
4. Richie Nix from Killshot
5. Raymond Cruz from City Primeval
6. Carl Webster from The Hot Kid and Up in Honey's Room
7. Alan Raimy from 52 Pickup

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