Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Short Con Week 32 - The Baltimore Sun

There was no other choice.  If I was going to read some newspaper (even online) then I would have to check out The Baltimore Sun.  This is the paper where David Simon, writer of Homicide and creator of The Wire, wrote.  So I found it's online site and looked through a few pages, hoping for a story that would catch my eye.
And one did. 

It might not be as splashy as a serial killer or mass murderer, but it's almost as frightening.

It appears there have been some problems and inconsistencies in rape statistics, and there could be possible instances of police neglect.  It's troubling stuff. 

Unfortunately, each story is not written by the same author, so the voice isn't always as consistant or engaging, but it is worth following.  To read more of the stories, simply click

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