Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night at the Movies Week 34 - The Thin Blue Line

There is not much I can say about the film that these folks have not already said.  Watching The Thin Blue Line both captivated and infuriated me.  Between this and Paradise Lost, it's possible to become disillusioned with the judicial system.  It's easy to look back on this with hindsight, but once again it's nearly impossible to comprehend how this man was convicted, despite all evidence, or lack thereof, pointing to his innocence.  It's unfortunate that more time was not spent interviewing the District Attorney and the man who originally brought Errol Morris into this case, "Dr. Death" James Grigson.  It was his testimony that Randall Adams would kill again that landed Adams on death row.    However, I understand why they chose not to participate, and it's interesting that the judge in the case, despite his verdicts being overturned, still considered himself as a winner.  Should judges really think that way?

Anyway, this film was absolutely amazing, and I'm glad I saved it for last this month.  I cannot recommend it enough.

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