Monday, August 9, 2010

45 Minutes Week 32 - A&E's Crime 360

A&E's highly-rated justice series, CRIME 360®, returns for its second season with more cities, great detectives and challenging new cases. This innovative real-life investigative series continues to re-invent the genre by combining cutting-edge technology and high-end CGI (computer generated imagery) with present-tense investigations, a completely unique way to experience the cases as they unfold. CRIME 360 is the perfect blend of technology and real-time suspense, as viewers see forensics and evidence in a way they never have before.

Go inside the investigation as theories and evidence are brought to life through fantastic CGI visualizations, state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and 360-degree digital photography. In each episode, we follow a case from start to finish. From the moment detectives are called to the scene, viewers are part of the action, experiencing the crime scene from every angle, and the evidence at the microscopic level. As the case develops, and the theories change, the graphics evolve, culminating in a full-blown visualization of what really happened. New cities include Cleveland OH, Rochester NY, Indianapolis IN, Little Rock AR

Today's viewing choice: The Killing Field
On the morning of July 5th, the body of the victim is found lying face up in an abandoned lot that had been used to shoot off guns the night before in celebration of Independence Day.

White it is a bit of a pain in the ass to watch an episode in seven different parts, it's the price to pay for missing the episode the first time around and not wanting to purchase the DVD's.  At least they play consecutively.

This show certainly loves their CG graphics, but it does visually separate them from other shows.  I'm not typically a fan of this, but for the show it works quite well.  A few times I caught myself being actually impressed with some of the tech.

As for the presentation of the case, I can say Crime 360 is very efficient.  They only have an hour (with commercials) to show everything from beginning to end, and they don't waste a lot of time with contemplations or unnecessary dramatics.  The show you what they've got and move on.

I just might try to catch an episode of this next time I'm at work.

To watch full episodes, learn more about technologies used in the show, view photos, or buy things, go to

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