Monday, August 16, 2010

45 Minutes Week 33 - Gangland

Currently in it's sixth season on the History Channel, Gangland spends an in-depth hour exposing and detailing the world of the most dangerous gangs, from it's history to present day, clothing, mannerisms, culture, and membership.

Episodes include
-The Aryan Brotherhood
-Mexican Mafia
-Latin Kings
-Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes
-Bloods & Crips
-Hells Angels
-Gangster Disciples
-and countless others you've never heard of.

The series does a nice job of including interviews with past, and when possible, current gang members, as well as experts and law enforcement.  The re-enactments are decent and not overly melodramatic.  I've never watched an episode and felt I wasn't given enough information.  Anyone looking to learn more about gangs in America should check the show out.

Unfortunately, episodes are not available to watch on, but Seasons 1-5 of Gangland are available on DVD.

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