Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Predictions

I have yet to see all the films involved, so many of these are just educated guesses, but isn't that half the fun.

Original Song - I really don't care for any of these, and I flat out refuse to vote for Randy Newman, so how about "If I Rise" from 127 hours

Original Score - As much as I loved the Inception score, my inner 18 year-old would kick my ass for not voting Trent Reznor.  So it goes to The Social Network

Makeup - The Wolfman.

Costume Design - The Academy always loves period pieces, but I'm going with Alice In Wonderland

Sound Editing and Mixing, Visual Effects - All going to Inception.  It has no shot at any of the major awards so I'm guessing they will make up for it with the technical side.

Live Action Short Film - Absolutely no idea.  How about God of Love?

Animated Short Film - Loved Day & Night.

Art Direction - Alice in Wonderland.  Even when Burton's films don't exactly "stick it" they are always a wonder to look at.

Cinematography - Loved the handheld work in Black Swan.

Film Editing- Where is the love for Inception, a film that juggled numerous timelines.  Let's go with The Social Network.

Adapted Screenplay- If this does not go to Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network I will be stunned.

Original Screenplay - Will probably go to David Sidler for The Kings Speech but I'm holding out for Christopher Nolan and Inception.  He was robbed off a Director's nod, so why not give him this as an apology.

Foreign Language Film - Expressing my Javier Bardem love in this category.  Go Biutiful

Animated Feature- Anyone not guessing Toy Story 3 on this?

Documentary Short- ?  How about Poster Girl.

Documentary Feature - For once I've seen the majority of the films in this category.   I thought Restrepo was really powerful, but I just loved the mischief of  Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Director - Replace Tom Hooper with Christopher Nolan and this would be a dream category.  Fincher, Aronofsky, Russell, and the Coen Brothers, all amazing filmmakers, but it's David Fincher's time.

Supporting Actress, otherwise known as the category I always get wrong - True Grit love time, so Hailee Steinfeld

Actress- It will probably go to Bening, but I'm for Natalie Portman.  Makes up for her sleepwalking through the Star Wars films.

Suporting Actor - Geoffrey Rush has an Oscar already, so let's give it to Christian Bale, who should have been nominated long before this.

Actor - Colin Firth.  It's pretty much a sure thing.

Picture - The King's Speech was tailor-made for an Oscar.  Period piece.  Historically important character.  An physical obstacle to overcome.  Check check and check.  But I'm going with The Social Network.  Everything about this film works, from Eisenberg's understated-yet-nominated performance, to Fincher's assured direction, to Sorkin's crackerjack script.  Remove any piece and this film probably falls apart.  This will be the film that's spoken of in ten years, while The Kings Speech will go the way of Shakespeare In Love.


  1. I saw in the morning paper many of your choices won.

  2. I usually do better than this. I knew I should have just gone with the Oscar bait film. I keep having higher hopes for the Academy voters to actually honor something inventive instead of the historic white guy with a disability film.