Saturday, February 27, 2010

To the Mattresses Week 8 - Oscar Gold

Two months into this little experiment and I've realized something- I've completed more books than movies so far.  It might not sound terribly strange or unusual to you, but I used to slave away at a video store.  Watching three to four movies a week was normal, and because of the free rentals, encouraged.  Of course, during that employment I had fifty people asking me "Is this any good" every single soul crushing day.  I felt I should at least know whether a movie was good or not before I lied to them.  Which I did on many occasions.  I'm sorry, but when you've got 90 copies of Practical Magic on the shelf, it's necessary. 

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining.  I've always been a reader.  Reading is fundamental, and all that other afterschool special nonsense.  And I've found that when I have an hour or so of free time, I reach for a novel instead of a remote.  I would assume my vocabulary has increased for the better. 

But I don't want to limit myself.  When I began this, I wanted to make sure I experienced all types of crime fiction, and I feel I've been slacking in the movie department.  So today I'm making a plan.  This scheduling structure I've worked out for myself has worked well, so I'm going to implement some more.

I'm gonna have me some theme months.  And I'll need everyone's help for suggestions because Netflix can't always be trusted.

First month is easy.  March 7th is the Academy Awards, and I've always been a bit of an Oscar snob.  I'm the guy who will sit in a near empty theater watching a movie I couldn't convince my friends to go see because I have to see all the nominated films before the big night.  I've done this since '96, and this year is no different, although increasing the Best Picture category to 10 made it a bit more complicated.  (Dick move Academy) Thankfully many of the films are already on DVD.

March is nominated film month.  It doesn't have to be a  best picture nominee.  Nominations for Actor/Actress and especially Screenwriting are allowed.  The tough part will be finding films I haven't seen.  It could be I'll end up rewatching films.  So recommendations are encouraged and appreciated, but seriously, first person to say Godfather gets a punch in the mouth.

I've got a few more months planned out as well.  There will be blaxsploitation, foreign, rogue cop/vigilante etc. etc. etc.   But I'd love to hear suggestions on those as well. 

I'm off to make a list.

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