Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Comics Wednesday Week 5 - Fell

Remember a few years ago, when Warren Ellis was going to change the world of comics?  His sixteen page (plus backmatter) comics (at an astounding $1.99) were going to be the perfect piece of disposable pop entertainment.

Well, he was right.  It should have changed the industry, and for the better. Here we are now, constantly complaining of company wide comics that drag on from one event to the next with no end in sight; stories that are padded out to meet the needs of the eventual trade that will most likely be out two weeks after the last issue ships; and most importantly, comics that are $3.99 a pop.

You can only blame yourselves people.  Look at the person in the mirror, and please, deliver a vicious bitch slap to the person looking back at you.

If Fell, and Casanova by Matt Fraction and Ba/Moon,  had sold 100,000 copies, you could bet your copy of X-Force #1 that the big two would have copycatted the hell out of that business model.  Those "second features" that are in those $3.99 books, wouldn't take much to put those out all by there lonesome at $1.99.

But Warren Ellis, the internet Jesus that he is, does not escape blame in this at all.

Where is the next issue of Fell?

Since issue #9 came out, two years ago January, I have seen his name on Ultimate Page Filler, and Astonishing Franchise that Won't Die for months.  (And yes, I know his collaborator Ben Templesmith might also be to blame, but he's been drawing tons of books, and he doesn't have a forum named after him.  Warren is the higher profile of the two.  Hence, blame.)

Yes, I sound bitter and angry, and most likely I'm throwing around blame where it doesn't belong.  There are reasons I cannot even fathom as to why Fell is no longer on my pull list.  To be this upset is silly.  But I don't care.

Fell was the PERFECT crime book.

Dumped in the collapsing urban trashzone called Snowtown, Detective Richard Fell is starting all over again.  In a place where nothing seems to make sense, Fell clings to the one thing he knows to be true...

Everybody is hiding something.

Even him.

Tell me with a straight face that you don't want to read that book?  Give me reasons.

Don't want to spend to much on a new book? It was $1.99

Don't want to get lost in all the continuity that comes with comics?  Each story was self-contained. 

I didn't like Ben Templesmith's art in 30 Days of Night (That was going to be mine)?  It's so much better.  Really.  Check out this page chosen completely at random and marvel at the storytelling.

I'll be done reading sixteen pages in less than five minutes.  That's why there was backmatter folks.  Pages and pages of Warren Ellis rambling about whatever he wished, often accompanied by sketches and research information. 

You had no excuses, until now. 

Only one collection of this book exists.  It included none of the backmatter (which I applauded.  Gives you a reason to buy the single issues.) and only six of the nine issues.  There is always chatter the book will return, but its always vague.  I want something Moses can bring down from the Mount. 

So please, Warren and Ben, bring Fell back. 

And if you haven't read Fell yet, do yourself a favor.  Read it.

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