Friday, March 25, 2011

Henry's Crime

Keanu Reeves is not an automatic watch for me.  I've certainly enjoyed him in films ranging from the first Matrix to Bill and Ted to my personal favorite film of his, Point Break.  He's not an exceptional actor by any means, and his facial expression range tends to be fairly limited, but he's usually watchable if the film is interesting enough.

Henry's Crime has the possibility of being good.  It's the new  film from Malcolm Venville, and considering he made last years VERY GOOD 44 Inch Chest, his name alone will sell me on this over Keanu.  The cast also includes Vera Farminga, James Caan, Peter Stomare, Fisher Stevens, Judy Greer, and BILL DUKE!  Hell yeah Bill Duke is back.  He doesn't come out from behind the director chair very often, but when he does I'm there.

Opens April 8th.

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