Sunday, January 2, 2011


I don't believe in resolutions.

I believe in their existence, but they might as well be dragons or the Easter Bunny.  They are simple to make, hard to see through to the finish, but at the start of the New Year people make them just the same.  These people are masochists, doomed to spend time and money only to fail.  I'm sure resolutions were created only to be exploited.

Case in point.  Look at any sales flyers from your weekend paper.  Places such as Target, Walmart, and other retail outlets all lead with exercise equipment because they know most people always resolve to get healthier in the next 365.  How many of these exercise bikes and weight benches will soon become $400 clothes racks before bikini season?

This is why I don't make them.

Don't get me wrong, this blog itself started last January 1st because I had a goal I wanted to achieve.  And I met most of those initial goals. Posted every day for a consecutive year.  Check.  Watched every episode of Homicide.  Check.  Played Grand Theft Auto IV to completion.  Check again.  The only goal I failed on was reading every book published by Hard Case Crime.  It wasn't a lack of quality that kept me from this goal, only far too many other wonderful books.  At last count, I read over 70 books last year, so I'll still consider that a win.

So what are my goals, not resolutions, for this year?  Rather unsurprisingly, I'm going to continue with this blog.  It won't be daily like last year, but at least weekly.  I'll have the opportunity to write about whatever I want, whenever I want, for as long as I want, without the confines of the daily deadline.  Freeing me up from this deadline will allow me to create some more for myself.

I'm going to rededicate myself to prose writing this year, beginning with finishing that long gestating novel and at least a short story a month.  I've been amazed at all the creative outlets I've discovered on the web, and I want to play in their sandboxes.  I'll still work on the occasional comic (shameless plug for Warrior 27 here) but it's time to exercise some other writing muscles.

At least once a day.  But it's not a resolution.

Currently Reading: The Terror of Living by Urban Waite (so very very good)

Currently Watching:  Deadwood : The Complete Series on glorious Blu-ray

Currently Listening To: The Promise by Bruce Springsteen

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  1. I've said before DEADWOOD is arguably the greatest western series ever. Enjoy.