Friday, January 28, 2011

The Mechanic

I will freely admit I've got a major man crush on Jason Statham, and this movie will probably do little to quell that manly desire.

The Mechanic opens today.

And if you so desire, check out the original with Hall Of Fame Badass Charles Bronson.


  1. The wife and I plan on going to see it as well. She crushes on Statham too, just not in a platonic sense. This is probably why his career is still going strong. There's not too many actors I can think of that women dig and men don't think of as a douche.

  2. Good point Chad. It's probably why he can get away with such insane movies like Crank and The Transporter without any fear of doing damage to his career.

  3. That's the case in my house, too. My wife will watch any Statham movie with me - and there aren't many other action flicks she'll join me for.

    I dig him because he's a convincing badass and virtually the only guy out there right now in the classic 80's action hero mold... and my wife just digs him. ;)