Saturday, January 15, 2011

Deadwood or Shakespeare

At Christmastime, I picked up the Complete Deadwood.  I'm a bit embarrassed to say I hadn't watched it, other than a stray episode here and there, until this point.  But since the New Year, I've been watching it as often as possible, and today finished up with the second season.  At first, it was just a great western show, but three or four episodes into Season Two it all became clear to me.

Deadwood is modern day Shakespeare.

The language became more poetic (even with the amazing amount of swearing), the monologues more frequent, and the plans of the wicked and just more labyrinth-like.  With each passing episode, I yearn more and more to see Ian McShane run wild with his speeches.

Of course, I'm not the only one who has come to the Milch/Shakespeare comparison.  The internet is loaded with essays concerning the topic, many of which I plan to read.  But I'm addicted to quizzes, so I couldn't pass this up.

Don't bother filling out any of the dating BS if you don't want to, just click for your results.  I'm pretty happy with my 83% especially considering I haven't watched Season 3 yet.  I'd love to hear how others scored.


  1. If Deadwood had been allowed to finish its four-season epic, it could have surpassed The Wire as best TV series ever, in my opinion.