Monday, May 17, 2010

45 Minutes Week 20 - The Good Guys

This show has three things going for it, two of which are spotlighted in promo.  First, you've got Bradley Whitford, an always watchable actor, as Stark, a cop who looks like he wandered in from a public stage performance of old Starsky & Hutch episode.  And why does he have that vibe?  Reason number two, that sweet sweet mustache and monochromatic brown attire.  Fox was wise in highlighting his upper lip.  Cops need mustaches.  Reason number three, the series is created by Burn Notice mastermind Matt Nix.  So while it does appear to be a bit goofy, I'm sure it will be good.  Oh yeah, and apparently that Hanks kid has some kind of acting pedigre.

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