Monday, May 10, 2010

45 Minutes Week 19 - Netflix, my Wii, and Me.

Although I've had the capability on my XBox for some time, I never bothered getting Netflix streamed to my television through it.  Mostly because my XBox didn't have wireless, and I really didn't feel like stringing a bright yellow wire across my living room floor.  I'm clumsy, and most likely would trip, sending both myself and my video game unit flying across the room.  If I was lucky, only one of us would break.

However,  the Wii just made itself compatible with Netflix.  And, hooray, it's wireless!

That means whenever I want, I can view episodes of Law & Order without the need for buying cable or satellite. 

The selection isn't great yet, but I can't complain when I have the opportunity to go from Special Victim's Unit, to The Shield, to Carl Sagan's Cosmos, to Mario Kart without getting off my couch.

Here's some titles from my Instant Queue:
The Vanishing
The Crimson River
Elevators to the Gallows
Gangster No. 1
The Lady from Shanghai

Technology is wonderful

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