Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beat to a Pulp

I've extolled the virtues of Beat to a Pulp before, but for those of you that might be unfamiliar, here it is again.  Beat to a Pulp is a website run by David Cranmer.  It's home to tons of fantastic hardboiled crime fiction and other pulp goodies. There is a "weekly punch" which features a new story, as well as a lengthy archive of past stories.  Just recently they published Round One, a collection of some of the best works published to date.  It's a collection worth checking out.

Should you be an aspiring writer, it might be worth your time to visit the submission guidelines because on May 1st you can submit the best you've got and hope to see your namepublished alongside some terrific writers.

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  1. Many thanks, Dan. I'm looking forward to the new rush of stories. I do suggest folks check out the archive or grab a copy of ROUND ONE to see what we are looking to publish.