Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Belated Bad Ass Birthday

And since I forgot to post this yesterday, I certainly do not feel lucky.  But a belated Happy 81st Birthday to Clint Eastwood, the baddest man in Hollywood.

Not only did he help create the most iconic vigilante cop in the history of cinema, but turned what could have been a one shot movie into a series with the fantastic and gritty Dirty Harry movies.

He could have rode those coattails for as long as he wanted, but instead chose to branch out and become a successful actor/director creating gems such as Play Misty for Me and the Academy Award winning (and best western of all time) Unforgiven.

Did I forget to mention that he also did the whole politics thing WAY before Arnold, becoming the mayor of Carmel-by-the-sea back in 1986.

At this age, many a people would be slowing down and riding off into the well deserved sunset, but Clint continues to make movies, with his biopic J. Edgar currently in post production.

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  1. Eastwood is one of a kind. I'm glad he pursued his talents as he's one hell of a director.