Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long Walks with Time to Kill

I've never been a big fan of audio books, mostly because I haven't had much use for them.  Sitting in a room, listening to someone talk tends to put me to sleep (ask my college professors), so when given the choice of an audiobook or book to read, I always pick the option I can hold.

But it's summertime, or as close as Maine can get, so I've once again started walking to work.  In the past I've filled up that time with podcasts or music (Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks is a walking favorite) but I'm going to try something new.

A friend of mine constantly rents audio books from the library, and 90% of the time his selections are questionable at best.  I've made many recommendations, but somehow James Patterson still ends up on his listening lists.  But the other day he rented a book called Three Seconds.  I wouldn't have given it a second thought  but on the bottom of the cover was a very important sentence.

"Winner of the Best Swedish Crime Novel."

I'm sold.  So many good crime authors come from that area (it must me the cold) that any book named the best deserves a read, or in this case, listen.

It will be an interesting experiment, as my total walking time is only about 35 minutes, so it will be a slow process.  But hopefully worthwhile.  I'll let you know if I get hooked.

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